EVERYONE DOES IT! …But How Effectively do you do it?
Communication: The key to having great relationships!

An Interpersonal Skills Seminar designed to help you communicate and relate to others better!


Section 1: The Foundation

What’s Your Core Motive? Learn your driving core motive to better understand your unique personality and that of others.

Section 2: The Structure

The Four Personality Types: Strengths and limitations of the four personality types are reviewed How personalities work under different conditions, and methods for relating more effectively with others are discussed.

Section 3: Creating Collaboration

Interacting with Others: The skills and strategies learned in Section 1 & 2 are experienced through application.

Why do you need to attend?

We all communicate, unless you are that one person living in exile and therefore you don’t need this course! The information taught will eliminate significant wasted time, energy and misunderstandings. In addition it will enhance your personal and professional relationships!

What will you gain from attending?

✓Relate more effectively with people
✓Understand differences in personality styles
✓Improve relationships with yourself and others
✓Enhance your personal and professional lives.

Who should attend?

This course is perfect for anyone who speaks to others: Parents Managers Ministry Leaders Salespeople Couples Business Owners /Not for Profits Medical Personnel Mentors

Time: 9:00-4:00pm
Course Date:
Location: 3425 Cliff Shadows Pkwy, Ste.

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20% off Early Registration by (DATE)personality profile, the course workbook and a set of “Code Cards”!
Group discounts available upon request.

Course presented By:
Kimberly Malloy, MS, LMFT, CIO Marriage & Family Therapist Relational Wellness Institute
Email: Kimberly@malloytherapy.com www.relationalwellnesscenter.com
Admission includes a 21 page individual